RafterDeTTails are easier to handle, use less wood, are higher quality, and create cost saving opportunities! To learn more about the many Advantages that  RafterDeTTails offer follow the links.

Value Comparison: in many cases conventional - solid sawn tails, require the truss heel stand (height) to be raised (see drawing below), and this is costly.  RafterDeTTails most often mean standard heel heights can be used, and this can deliver significant savings on the cost of the truss package.

Handling Comparison: in the case below (a 24" roof overhang) using a conventional solid sawn rafter tail requires 3 times as much wood as a  RafterDeTTail.

Quality Comparison:  RafterDeTTails are pre-primed and fabricated (laminated) using high quality kiln-dried wood, this means they are less prone to shrinkage, warp, cracking, and checking; all problems common to conventional rafter tails. RafterDettails uses a water-base sealer/primer/stain blocker that can be top coated with latex or oil-base paints. It is an excellent wood undercoat for exterior applications.